Elizabeth Needham
Here to help you grow, profit, succeed

Where I come from

A hunger for wisdom and knowledge, a passion for travel and language paired with over 15 years of customer service have culminated in a strong ability to read a room, organic collaboration with others, and excellent communications skills. I'm a team player and enjoy seeing my team members succeed. I appreciate providing solutions to co-workers and clients and love when my work creates happiness, satisfaction and efficiency. I delight in shared laughter - warning - there will be puns.

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Where I am going

I am particularly excited about pursuing IT as it brings meaningful challenge, problem solving, and time freedom to my every day. It's important to me to be involved in my local community, my new skills will allow me to help the organizations I volunteer in even more! I love language and other cultures, they fascinate me and my desire to learn more is insatiable. I seek challenge and am constantly searching for ways to grow. In my spare time, I am a mountain biker, snowboarder and general outdoor enthusiast, I also love cooking and crafting.

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